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Superica…Big Texas Flavor


SupericaAh, summer! There’s nothing I’d rather do in the sweltering heat than sip a margarita on the patio of a Mexican restaurant, but sometimes we end up at the bar instead, which is where LC and I sat on our last visit to Superica, Ford Fry’s newest concept at the insanely popular Krog Street Market.

We stopped by for an impromptu meal that inevitably began with margaritas, which led to chips, dips, guacamole, and more margaritas. It’s a pretty standard procedure that we’ve duplicated at many Mexican establishments. What sets Superica apart is its nod to all things Texas. Both Fry and chef Kevin Maxey hail from the Lone Star State, and they designed a menu that showcases their special variety of “Mex-Tex” cuisine.

The bartenders were busily dispensing drinks like pharmacists filling prescriptions; there’s a cocktail to cure almost anything here. For example, the Vampire Weekend is a luscious concoction of spiced rum and horchata, a traditional Mexican drink made with rice, sugar, and cinnamon, that will satisfy your sweet tooth. However, both LC and I ordered The O.G., their skinny margarita on the rocks.
Guacamole at Superica
Superica’s chips are decidedly ungreasy, a fact that may delight others but I found them similar to store bought chips (perhaps they are baked, not fried). On the contrary, the guacamole is served with fried chips, thick enough to stand up to any dip. A smoky red salsa and a smooth green one served with the chips are quite good.
Pozole at Superica
My friend S introduced me to their outstanding pozole verde, so I insisted we order a bowl to share. Made with heritage pork, toothsome hominy, creamy avocado, crunchy cabbage, queso fresco and radish, the soup is both light and comforting with a riot of flavors and textures that please. Chicharrones float on top for even more crunch.
Tacos at Superica
Already working on our second round of margaritas, we decided to try a few tacos. Some come on house made flour tortillas while others are served on corn tortillas, however LC and I always prefer corn. We ordered the spicy shrimp with smoked jalapenos, monterey jack, and cabbage, delicious yet not spicy as advertised. Another plate arrived with a wood-grilled steak taco and a chicken al carbon taco, both served with charred onions and avocado salsa. I was most impressed with the shrimp taco with its generous handful of cilantro.

Next time I’ll break from the taco tradition to try the Pollo Perfecto, a crispy-skinned chicken leg served with mole poblano and a guacamole puff (I don’t know what it is but I want it!), or perhaps the Puffy Taco, a gringo treat that’s already received much attention from the foodie media.

Unlike most Mexican restaurants, Superica serves breakfast, or desayuno, from 8 am daily. Can I get my margarita con cafeina?

99 Krog Street 678-791-1310

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