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Best Tacos in Town…the Original El Taco!


Recent years have seen a proliferation of authentic taco joints in Atlanta, making the trek to a rickety taco stand on Buford Highway no longer necessary. And chances are, you won’t have to take Spanish lessons to place your order either.

In fact, we can drive just about a mile to El Taco and order tacos with chorizo or pork carnitas as good as any I’ve had in Mexico. Like our other neighborhood haunts, I rarely blog about El Taco these days, otherwise, there would be a weekly El Taco segment. However, after our last two visits, I was compelled to proclaim their tacos the best in Atlanta!

To be more specific, it’s one particular taco that has earned my devotion…the smoked chicken taco. Wonderfully smoky chicken, spicy fried jalapenos, house-made guacamole, and cilantro are drizzled with crema and wrapped in soft tortillas…LC and I always order corn instead of flour. On our last visit one of the chalkboard specials was a duck confit taco with mango chutney that I couldn’t resist.

Our visits to El Taco wouldn’t be complete without their awesome grapefruit margaritas and an occasional extra shot of tequila on the side. Lately, we have ordered the small sides of queso and guacamole with a few chips instead of devouring a whole basket before our tacos arrive. Grilled jalapenos compliment the cheese and find their way into our tacos as well.

We’ve also become addicted to their Mexico City grilled corn. The first time we ordered it on the side, I was expecting corn on the cob, but instead, it was served in a dish mixed with cotija cheese melting among the charred kernels…just terrific!

If we don’t win a free dessert when they spin the big wheel (which we never have, by the way), we may order the coconut flan pictured here. It’s creamy with just a hint of coconut and served with a chewy macaroon.

Feeling adventurous? You can still find plenty of authentic tacos on Buford Highway, from El Taco Veloz to El Senor Taco, but if you don’t speak Spanish and you don’t mind spending a little extra, traditional Mexican style tacos are abundant and closer to home than ever.

1186 N. Highland Ave. NE 404-873-4656


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